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JP Veneracion is the Philippines’ #1 Online Attraction Marketing Coach with more than 10 years of online training, sales, marketing and coaching experience. His programs provided life changing results, transforming his students from being broke to multi-millionaires. By implementing what his student learned in his courses, they were able to generate anywhere between 6 – 9 figures in their sales.

JP Veneracion also generously offers his time for one-on-one coaching. These premium coaching sessions inspired a lot of his students to dive deeper into the online marketing world and made them blossom to their full potential and they themselves became experts in their chosen fields. That’s why his students started calling him “the mentor of all digital marketing mentors.”

To name a few, here are some of my students & clients:

Eduard Reformina

Founder of Unity Net & Openmind

John Calub

Philippines’ #1 Success Coach

Rommel Intacto

President of Global Unlimited Vision

Ken Baysa

8-Figure Digital Marketing Expert & Coach

Brylle Nicon Apduhan

8-Figure Automation Expert & Coach

Knaf Trinidad

8-Figure MLM Top Leader

Restie Chavez

7-Figure Digital Marketing Expert & Coach

Neil Butiong

7-Figure MLM Top Leader

Marco Aradillos

7-Figure MLM Top Earner

Rosalee Maquinay

7-Figure Online Business Owner

Jaymar Bation

7-Figure MLM Top Earner

Edd Salvador

7-Figure MLM Top Earner

Michael Sultan

7-Figure MLM Top Earner

Don Soriano

Influencer, Business Mentor & Coach

Jayvee Martinez

Content Creator & Coach

MJ Neri

Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur & Crypto Expert

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*** Before booking your free coaching call, please make sure to watch first the whole video above.***

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Here’s What My Students Have to Say about My Coaching & Mentoring Program…

Eduard Refornmina

  • 9-Figure Online Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Unity Network & Openmind PH

Rosalee Maquinay

  • 7-Figure Online Entrepreneur
  • Book Author of The Abundance Mindset

Restie Chavez

  • 7-Figure Online Marketing Expert
  • Book Author of Close More Sales & Attract More Pay-Ins

Nathan Alfeche

  • 8-Figure eCom Expert
  • Webinar Master & Affiliate Marketing Millionaire

Ken Baysa

  • 8-Figure Online Marketing Expert
  • Creator of Online Seller Ads Blueprint

Eva Aradillos

  • 8-Figure Network Marketing Top Leader
  • Founder of Asset Building Program

MJ Neri

  • Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur
  • Top Wisdom Broker of Success Community

Edd Salvador

  • 7-Figure Network Marketing Leader
  • Platinum Executive Director of Sante International

Joana Marie Lazaro

  • 7-Figure Affiliate Marketing Expert
  • CEO of Laurus Enterprises

Marco Aradillos

  • 7-Figure Network Marketing Leader
  • Co-founder of Asset Building Program

*** Before booking your free coaching call, please make sure to watch first the whole video above.***

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*** Before booking your free coaching call, please make sure to watch first the whole video above.***

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